Rules for Happy Camping at

Ames Brook Campground


All campers are required to register upon arrival and display tag on vehicle. Check in time is 2 PM, Check out time is Noon. Arriving before 2 PM or departure after noon constitutes a minimum 1/2 nightly fee. All visitors are required to register upon arrival and pay proper fee. Day visitors must be out by 10 PM or register as overnight guests. All visitors and guests will park their cars in specified parking area.


Only one trailer and 1 tent or 2 tents and 1 vehicle per campsite with a maximum of 4 adults per site unless otherwise approved by management. “NO BOATS or VEHICLES” are to be parked on the GRASS or roadways. Please keep site in a neat and sanitary condition. Above all respect other people’s privacy; do not walk through other campsites.


Discharge into authorized receptacles only, never on the ground. Sewer Donuts are REQUIRED on all units. DO NOT CUT SEWER PIPES.


Quiet hours must be observed between 11 PM and 8 AM. Obnoxious noise and behavior will not be tolerated AT ANY TIME. This can be many things to many people; to some it is the blare of a radio, to others a barking dog and too many people, just plain loud conversation or vulgar language. All these things can be annoying to other people. Therefore, we ask everyone to remember your camping neighbor who may be trying to get some much needed rest and relaxation in the next site.


Playground use and Bicycle riding hours are from 8 AM until 9 PM or Dusk.


Complete Pool Rules are posted at the pool and must be OBSERVED. NO Lifeguard is on duty; swim at your own risk. No child under the age of 14 can swim without being accompanied by an adult (18 years or older). NO GLASS containers.


Campers are responsible for the actions and conduct of their children and their guests. Children under 10 are to be supervised at all times throughout the campground. Please take normal precautions against loss of personal property, we do not assume responsibility. Any acts of vandalism or destruction will result in immediate expulsion with NO REFUND


Please help keep these facilities clean. An adult must accompany children under 10 years old to showers and rest rooms. Laundering and dish washing is prohibited in the bathroom sinks, please use sink provided in Laundry Room. Washing of vehicles is not allowed.


Speed limit is 5 MPH day and night. No go-carts, ATV’s, mini-bikes or trail bikes allowed in campground. Only Electric Golf Carts are allowed. Any drivers must have a valid driver’s license to drive in the park.

PETS (Maximum 2 & Non-Aggressive)

Must be leashed at all times, kept quiet and not left unattended outside. They are not allowed in swimming pool, playground, and bathroom areas. Walking Leash must not be longer than 6 (six) feet. Please, scoop the poop at all times!


Deposit into trash bin (NOT fire rings), see map for location. DO NOT throw cigarette butts on the ground


Fires are to be OUT at 11PM to 8AM and are to be kept safe and at a reasonable size (no higher than 1 foot or shin high). Fires must be contained in the fire ring, NO logs or sticks extended above or outside of the fire ring. Please do not move fire rings, burn trash or use them as trash receptacle. FIRES SHOULD NEVER BE LEFT UNATTENDED AND EXTINGUISHED WITH WATER BEFORE RETIRING!


Clothesline is to be put away when not in use or when clothes are dry. They are to be placed at the rear of the campsite.


Disfiguring of trees and picnic tables is prohibited. Standing timber dead or alive is to be left alone


All Children under 18 years old must be back to their sites by 10 PM unless accompanied by an adult.


Will result from violation of any campground rules or objectionable conduct with NO REFUND and is at the discretion of management.

NO Firearms or Fireworks permitted in the campground.